We are very happy to announce the publication of a SUPERLUX online resources. These resources aim to provide an overview and demystify some of the structures of the art and film worlds that artists working with moving image navigate.

As part of our SUPERLUX programme we offer regular advice sessions for artists. During lockdown we held these on a weekly basis, with each member of our team meeting with one artist for one hour to discuss any aspect of their practice and career. Over time and after many great conversations with our SUPERLUX members, we decided to create some new, written learning resources to share with all of our 850 members across Scotland.

For the latest topic in the series, we focus on ‘online contexts for moving image’. We invited artist Jenny Brady, artist Jamie Crewe and curator Shama Khanna to respond to five set questions on the subject, sharing their experiences and knowledge with you in writing. Their answers to the questions below are available to read on the SUPERLUX members’ website.

How can artists find the online audience that they want for their work? What should artists be wary or conscious of when considering making or presenting moving image work for an online audience? How might curators or artists create the best context for a viewer to encounter a moving image work online? How can artists get the kind of feedback they need about their work when there is no cinema or gallery audience to encounter it in person in a public space? What are the positive aspects of presenting moving image work online for artists (or curators)?

To access all of the resources in this series, log into the SUPERLUX site, click on the ‘Resources’ heading at the top of the page. SUPERLUX is currently free to join and if you aren’t already a member you can sign up here.

The series will continue over the coming months, with contributions from more artists, curators and programmers within our networks both within and beyond Scotland. By inviting three people to answer questions on each subject, we aim to offer our SUPERLUX members a range of subjective views and experiences of each topic.



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