We are delighted to present the sixth instalment of GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW, this year’s Artists’ Moving Image Festival, which has been co-programmed by artists and writers Tako Taal and Adam Benmakhlouf. For Part 6, we present a new online commission, IMG_5917 (2021) by artists Sulaïman Majali and Camara Taylor working together in an ongoing collaboration, retreat.

retreat is a collaborative endeavour that grabs, evades and inhabits slippages. Concerned with the implicit failings of research, praxis and (a lack of) practice; retreat floats amidst the outlines of absences; trace, gesture and evidence of that which has been expelled, or refuses to be held. The work also stems from frustration, fatigue and cognitive dissonances: a desire to retreat from particular ways of working, being, making publics. Exhibition something vague and irrational (2019) at Celine Gallery, Glasgow, illustrated and/or pointed to the feelings, frustrations and propositions that initiated the collaboration.

retreat continues through the forum of GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW with a newly commissioned video work, IMG_5917. In the work, flat planes of grey, green and purple convolute an encounter with a collapsed tree on a long walk; the device weights conversation in a misremembered image.

Available to watch on the LUX Scotland website from 6 – 13 October. View here.

Captions by Collective Text



Image: Sulaïman Majali and Camara Taylor, IMG_5917, 2021


The festival will continue with a series of screenings and events scheduled to follow the lunar calendar across the rest of 2021. The programme lies in between the folds of artists’ moving image, performance documentation, protest documentary and animation, considering their strategies for interruption, to undo the formal and psychological trappings of a neo-colonial, white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal cinema system.


Image descriptions

1. A landscape graphic with protest placard like shapes emblazoned with the words ‘GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW’ in capitalised san serif font. The rectangular shapes splay out across a deep purple background, overlapping one another.

2. A video still in greys, purples with spots of white, green and yellow, a pixelated landscape.


GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW, this year’s Artists’ Moving Image Festival, is supported by Screen Scotland and Film Hub Scotland in partnership with Tramway.