News: Margaret Tait Award 2018 nominations open

Posted on October 26th, 2016 by LUX Scotland

Nomination Deadline: Monday 5 December 2016

We’re excited to announce that nominations are now open for the eighth year of the Margaret Tait Award, supported by Creative Scotland and LUX. Anyone can nominate, but artists cannot nominate themselves.

The aim of the Margaret Tait Award is to support experimental and innovative artists working within film and moving image, providing a high profile platform for them to exhibit their work and engage with a wider audience. The award will be given to a Scottish or Scotland-based artist who has developed a significant body of work within film and moving image over the past 3–10 years and is at the cusp of a major impact on the sector.

The recipient of the award will receive a £10,000 prize to create new work and the opportunity to present it at the Glasgow Film Festival in 2018. Previous winners include Kate Davis, Duncan Marquiss, Charlotte Prodger, Anne-Marie Copestake, Torsten Lauschmann and Sarah Forrest.


Who can be nominated?

Artists who are Scottish and/or based in Scotland.

Artists who have developed a significant body of work over the past 3–10 years and are at the cusp of a major impact on the moving image sector.

There is no age restriction.

We regret that we cannot accept nominations of artists who are students.

How to Nominate:

Please send 200 words on the artist’s career to date, their impact on the sector and your reasons for nominating. Be sure to include a link to the artist’s website or an online example of their work as well as the artist’s email address and phone number.

Applications should be sent by email only to


Deadline for nominations is 9am on Monday 5 December 2016


Read more about Margaret Tait or listen to our soundcloud on how to nominate or be nominated.

Still: Margaret Tait

Events / News
Artists’ Moving Image Festival, 2016

Posted on October 19th, 2016 by LUX Scotland

Saturday 05 – Sunday 06 November
Tramway, Glasgow
Tickets available

The fifth edition of Tramway’s Artists’ Moving Image Festival will take place on 5 and 6 November 2016 at Tramway, Glasgow.

Programmed by Sarah Tripp and Ed Webb-Ingall, #AMIF2016 will host a series of screenings, new works, readings, performances and discussions, bringing together local and international artists, writers and programmers. #AMIF2016 will seek to challenge the conventions of the cinema space, activating festival participants through strategies of disruption, subversion and intervention.

The programme will include contributions from artists including; Kate Briggs, Siân Robinson Davies, Alice Brooke and Beatrice Loft Schulz, Sarah Forrest, Aniara Omann, Katrina Palmer and Jamie Crewe, plus many more participants. Please see the #AMIF2016 blog for further programme info.

#AMIF2016 is programmed by Sarah Tripp and Ed Webb-Ingall and co-organised by Tramway and LUX Scotland, with support from LUX.

Image: #AMIF2016, Alexander Storey Gordon.

SUPERLUX Social: #AMIF2016 Breakfast

Posted on October 14th, 2016 by LUX Scotland

Saturday 05 November, 10-11.30am
Cafe mezzanine, Tramway, Glasgow
Free, but ticketed via Eventbrite

Please join us for our inaugural SUPERLUX Social, our new series of regular membership meet-ups, starting with an #AMIF2016 breakfast!

Our #AMIF2016 social will be an opportunity for members to meet one another ahead of this year’s annual Artists’ Moving Image Festival at Tramway. Over breakfast there will also be the opportunity to hear from SUPERLUX members who have previously benefitted from our bursary awards and a chance to chat with members of our critical forum groups.

Please join us from 10am at Tramway’s cafe mezzanine, with #AMIF2016‘s fantastic programme by Sarah Tripp and Ed Webb-Ingall, kicking off in Tramway 1 at 12pm.

SUPERLUX Socials aim to provide a space for members to come together in informal settings to share their experiences, discuss issues around practice and feed into future programming. Over the coming year, SUPERLUX Socials will take place at various locations throughout Scotland to meet directly with our members.

SUPERLUX Socials are free of charge for SUPERLUX members.
Not a member of SUPERLUX? It’s free and easy to join now.

Image: #AMIF2015, Pavel D.

SUPERLUX opportunity: bursary places at #AMIF2016

Posted on October 14th, 2016 by LUX Scotland

#AMIF2016 is here!

The fifth edition of Tramway’s Artists’ Moving Image Festival will take place on 5 and 6 November 2016 at Tramway, Glasgow. We are offering two bursary places to SUPERLUX members based outside Glasgow to attend the festival, including a two-day festival pass, plus travel and accommodation costs up to £250 each.

Programmed by Sarah Tripp and Ed Webb-Ingall, #AMIF2016 will host a series of screenings, new works, readings, performances and discussions, bringing together local and international artists, writers and programmers. #AMIF2016 will seek to challenge the conventions of the cinema space, activating festival participants through strategies of disruption, subversion and intervention.

The programme will include contributions from artists including; Kate Briggs, Siân Robinson Davies, Alice Brooke and Beatrice Loft Schulz, Sarah Forrest, Aniara Omann, Katrina Palmer and Jamie Crewe, plus many more participants to be announced. Keep an eye on the #AMIF2016 blog for further info.

It’s easy to apply, simply fill out the form on our SUPERLUX site, explaining why you would be interested in attending #AMIF2016 and how this will benefit your current research or practice in 150 words or less. Submit the form below before 12pm (noon) on Wednesday 26 October 2016. Successful applicants will be notified by 5pm on Thursday 27 September.

Good luck!

If you are not awarded the SUPERLUX bursary, there are festival passes available to purchase direct from Tramway, and we hope you are able join us for our inaugural SUPERLUX Social: #AMIF2016 Breakfast too!

Image: New work for #AMIF2016, Alice Brooke and Beatrice Loft Schulz.

Events / News
Screening: LUX Scotland and SQIFF present Dani Leventhal

Posted on October 5th, 2016 by LUX Scotland


Friday 28 October, 7pm
Transmission, Glasgow
Free, not ticketed

Presented in association with SQIFF and Transmission, American artist Dani Leventhal visits Glasgow to show and discuss her recent video work.

Her videos are disjunctive, diaristic and often feature people who become the unassuming subjects of her work. Describing her working process, Leventhal says, ” I start with a subject that I care deeply about / I concentrate on fear, desire, anger, confusion, and love. / I concentrate on the emotional relationships between humans, humans and animals, and humans and their environments. / I am particularly interested in the way we develop based on our experiences in childhood, and then the process of undoing it.” Presenting her shorts alongside her recent collaboration ‘Hard As Opal’ with Jared Buckhiester, Leventhal will also present a preview of her in-progress work, ‘Strangely Ordinary This Devotion’, a collaboration with Sheilah Wilson.

Image: Dani Leventhal and Jared Buckhiester

Jobs / Learning / News
Opportunity: Programme Manager (Learning & Professional Development)

Posted on September 30th, 2016 by LUX Scotland

SUPERLUX Pitch image

LUX Scotland are looking for a Programme Manager in Learning & Professional Development to join the team.

The Programme Manager (Learning & Professional Development) will work closely with the LUX Scotland Director and Programme Manager (Artistic Programmes) to support the consolidation and development of the LUX Scotland project.

The Programme Manager (Learning & Professional Development) will play a key role in ensuring that LUX Scotland effectively supports and promotes artists working with the moving image in Scotland by providing: public access to LUX Scotland’s work; production support and professional development opportunities for artists; access to the LUX collection and research resources; and educational activities. This work places the needs of the artists’ moving image community at the heart of the programme and ensures that LUX Scotland remains central to discourses around artists’ moving image practice in Scotland.

The Programme Manager (Learning & Professional Development) will manage the delivery of the professional development programme; take day-to-day responsibility for the ongoing development of SUPERLUX, LUX Scotland’s membership scheme; work closely with the Programme Manager (Artistic Programmes) to support the delivery of the overall public programme; and provide administrative support for the Director.

Please download both the job description and equal opportunities form and send both items in one email addressed to no later than 5pm on Friday 21 October.

Good luck!

SUPERLUX opportunity: bursary place at Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival

Posted on September 6th, 2016 by LUX Scotland

Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival are back! The 12th edition of BFMAF takes place from Wednesday 21- Sunday 25 September 2016. We have two bursary places available to send SUPERLUX members along to attend the festival.

The bursary includes a free festival pass, with full access to a three-day seminar, accommodation in Berwick and travel costs. Bursary recipients will be expected to attend all three sessions of the seminar and write a short response on their experience of BFMAF, which will be published on the SUPERLUX website.

It’s really easy to apply (and easy to join SUPERLUX too—it’s free!). Simply fill out the form on our SUPERLUX site, explaining why you are interested in attending BFMAF and how this will benefit your current research and practice in 150 words or less. Deadline for applications will be 10am Tuesday 13 September. We’ll let the the successful bursary holder know by 5pm Wednesday 14 September.

Good luck!

If you are not awarded the SUPERLUX bursary, there are festival passes available to purchase, and we hope you can still make it to BFMAF 2016.

Image: ‘Fucking Finland’ series, Seamus Harahan, BFMAF 2015

Events / News
Workshops: #AMIF16 with Ed Webb-Ingall

Posted on September 1st, 2016 by LUX Scotland



Friday 2 September, 5-8pm
Monday 26 September, 5-8pm
Tuesday 18 October, 5-8pm
Tramway, Glasgow

As part of the Artists Moving Image Festival (AMIF), filmmaker and writer Ed Webb-Ingall will be running three workshops that explore ideas of intervention, disruption and interruption in the context of the cinema. The results of these workshops will be presented at Tramway on November 6th as part of #AMIF2016.

The workshops will invite artists and filmmakers to think about what it means to intervene into the cinema auditorium in order to disrupt, expand or push at the edges of what might be expected in that space. We will ask questions such as:
What is or isn’t allowed here? Who is in charge? What is possible in this space? What are the limits of this space? Who decides on them? What does it mean if someone has paid for something? Where does the responsibility for care lay?

The workshops are available to SUPERLUX members free of charge and will take place at Tramway, Glasgow on Friday 2nd September, Monday 26th September and Tuesday 18th October, developing towards a public presentation at #AMIF16 on Sunday 6th November. No filmmaking experience is necessary, but it is important that you can attend all three of the workshops. Tickets available until 5pm Thursday 1 September.

Part of Tramway‘s annual Artist Moving Image Festival.

Events / News
Screening: LUX Scotland presents ‘Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years, Plus Shorts’

Posted on August 30th, 2016 by Programme Assistants

Sunday 4 September, 7.15pm
GFT, Glasgow
Book Tickets

As part of September’s Crossing The Line at GFT, Phoebe Amis has curated a film programme celebrating subversive uses of anger, risk, precarity and opacity by German filmmakers Helke Sander, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz, and Dagmar Schultz.

Schulz’s feature-length portrait of Audre Lorde shows the eponymous African-American poet galvanising the Afro-German movement and anti-racist feminism. The documentary demonstrates another history of 1980s West German and North Atlantic social movements, rearranging the legacy of feminist filmmaker Sander. Sander’s short film about destitution and direct action unpicks narratives of social change and debates about what a feminist looks like, while Boudry/Lorenz examine the capacity for resistance in the presence of a ‘visible’ enemy.

This screening is part of GFT’s Crossing the Line strand, kindly supported by Goethe Institut.

Image: Audre Lorde, 1984

SUPERLUX opportunity: free place at Hospitalfield 16mm workshop

Posted on July 14th, 2016 by Programme Assistants




Hospitalfield Arts are hosting a three-day 16mm workshop between 16 and 18 August 2016.

We have one bursary place available for a SUPERLUX member to attend the workshop. This bursary includes a free place on the workshop, bed and board at Hospitalfield estate, and up to £60 of your travel costs to Hospitalfield.

It’s really easy to apply (and easy to join SUPERLUX too—it’s free!). Simply fill out the form on our SUPERLUX sitetelling us in no more than 150 words why you would be interested in attending the workshop and how the course will benefit your practice. Deadline for applications will be 10am Thursday 21 July. We will select the applicant whose practice is set to benefit the most from attending the workshop, and let them know within 24 hours of the deadline.

Good luck!

If you are not awarded the SUPERLUX bursary, there are paid places available on the workshop which you can book before 26 July.


Photograph by Pavel D.

Events / News
Screening: Anne-Marie Copestake, ‘Back As Front, Inside As Out’, LUX Scotland @MIMC

Posted on June 16th, 2016 by LUX Scotland


Friday 8 July, 7-9pm
MacArts, Galashiels
Tickets available on the door

Anne-Marie Copestake screening, discussion and selections from the LUX collection. Part of MIMC’s ‘Out Of The Box’ programme.

For this special screening, the Moving Image Makers Collective and LUX Scotland have invited Anne-Marie Copestake to present the first part of her new film about Margaret Benyon, a pioneer of holography as an artistic practice. She has also selected a number of works from the LUX collection which will frame an open conversation after the screenings with Luke Collins (Deputy Director, LUX Scotland).

‘Back As Front, Inside As Out’ (2015) considers the early period as holography developed focusing on Benyon’s explorations into esoteric subject matter in unfamiliar media, foregrounding artistic pursuit through rigorous action, optimism and discovery. Other works in this screening include Cathy Sisler Aberrant Motion 1 (1993) and Steve Sutcliffe‘s Plum (2012).

Anne-Marie Copestake is a prolific and subtle artist who has lived and worked in Glasgow since the 90s when she initiated Trigger Tonic, in which she paired local with visiting artists for intense, revealing conversations. In 2011 Copestake was an early recipient of the Margaret Tait award, producing ‘And Under That‘ (2012) which developed visual associations and a scenario wherein a questioning of histories and potential comes from two older women, who are not presented as fixed or finished but with possibilities and ideas surrounding them. Copestake works across many forms (moving image, drawing, sculpture, music) and often in collaboration (with Fred Pederson, as part of Poster Club and as part of the band Muscles of Joy) bringing a delicate but rigorous touch to all her work.
LUX Scotland is a dedicated support and promotion agency for artists working with moving image in Scotland. Founded in 2014 with a new office at the CCA in Glasgow, LUX Scotland seeks to support artists working with moving image in Scotland through a range of activities including programming, professional development through our SUPERLUX programme and research through access to the collection. Please visit our website for full details ( or get in touch with us through email or on social media.

The ‘Out Of The Box’ programme is supported by Film Hub Scotland.

Still: ‘Back As Front, Inside As Out’, Anne-Marie Copestake (2015)

Kate Davis wins 2016 Margaret Tait Award

Posted on June 7th, 2016 by LUX Scotland

The winner of the 2016 Margaret Tait Award is Glasgow-based artist Kate Davis. Shortlisted along with artists Aideen Doran, Hardeep Pandhal, Catherine Street and Stina Wirfelt, Davis will receive a £10,000 commission to create a new piece of work, and the opportunity to present this work at Glasgow Film Festival in 2017.

Davis’ 2014 work ‘Weight‘ was produced as part of the Artists and Archives: Artists’ Moving Image at the BBC residency programme, supported by BBC Scotland, LUX and Creative Scotland. Taking a 1961 BBC documentary about Barbara Hepworth as its starting point, ‘Weight’ explores how televised depictions of creativity constructed our understanding of artistic production and other forms of labour.

On winning the 2016 Margaret Tait Award, Davis said, “’Working with the moving image has become an increasingly important part of my practice in recent years and the Margaret Tait Award will be invaluable in enabling me to realise my most ambitious and experimental moving image work to date. Inspired by the ways in which Margaret Tait’s films invite us to contemplate fundamental emotions and everyday activities that are often overlooked, I propose to investigate how the essential, but largely invisible and unpaid, processes we employ to care for others and ourselves can inform both the subject of my film and the way it is made.”

Born in New Zealand, Kate Davis lives and works in Glasgow. Previous projects include Cinenova Presents Now Showing, LUX Cornwall, St Ives; LUX/ BBC Artists and Archive commission; GENERATION exhibition, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art; HOUSE WORK CASTLE MILK WOMAN HOUSE, Glasgow Women’s Library; Art Under Attack, Tate Britain. Forthcoming projects include a solo exhibition at Stills, Edinburgh.

The 2016 panel consisted of a diverse range of experts and curators in the field of visual arts and cinema, including Kirsten Body (Inverness Museum and Art Gallery), Sophia Hao (Cooper Gallery, Dundee), Paul Pieroni (GoMA, Glasgow), Gayle Meikle (artist/curator), Emma Nicolson (ATLAS Arts, Skye), Laura Simpson (Hospitalfield Arbroath), Stephen Sutcliffe (artist and previous Margaret Tait Award winner), Mark Thomas (Creative Scotland), Luke Collins (LUX Scotland) and Jane Hartshorn (Glasgow Film). 21 prominent Scottish artists were nominated for the award, and five were then shortlisted and asked to submit proposals, from which Davis was selected.

Still: ‘Weight’, Kate Davis, 2014

Events / News
#EIFF16: Regrouping Experimental Films from the ‘60s and ‘70s

Posted on May 25th, 2016 by LUX Scotland


Stephen Dwoskin Chinese Chequers

Thursday 23 June, 8.30pm
Saturday 25 June, 2.35pm
Book Tickets

Revisiting the heyday of avant-garde filmmaking through a selection of canonical classics and rarely screened gems, this retrospective screening presents works by filmmakers involved in EIFF during the 1960s and ’70s. This programme of shorts comprises artists who either participated directly in the ‘International Forum on Avant-Garde Film’, or whose work was screened between 1976 and 1978 – the crucial years in EIFF’s engagement with avant-garde filmmaking.

The Thursday screening will be introduced by EIFF Black Box Curator Kim Knowles, and LUX Scotland Director Isla Leaver-Yap

‘Between the Frames’ (1976) by Sarah Child
‘Breakfast’ (1976) by Michael Snow
‘Chinese Chequers’ (1964) by Stephen Dwoskin
‘Inferential Current’ (1971) by Paul Sharits
‘Key’ (1968) by Peter Gidal
‘New Improved Institutional Quality: In the Environment of Liquids and Nasals a Parasitic Vowel Sometimes Develops’ (1976) by Owen Land
‘Rohfilm’ (1968) by Wilhelm & Birgit Hein

Image: ‘Chinese Chequers’, Stephen Dwoskin, 1964

This EIFF screening is organised in association with LUX.


Events / News
#EIFF16: Regrouping Discussions: Lizzie Borden, Laura Mulvey and William Raban

Posted on May 25th, 2016 by LUX Scotland


Friday 24 June, 10.30am
Traverse Theatre
Book Tickets

In 1976, EIFF hosted two events: the ‘Psychoanalysis and Cinema Symposium’ and the ‘International Forum on Avant-Garde Film’. Forty years on, this year’s discussions look back at one of the most pivotal moments in the Festival’s history to explore its longstanding relationship with alternative film culture.

Through a series of intimate discussions, this day-long event interrogates the relationship between form and politics, and seeks out the synergies between then and now. Speakers include:
Director Lizzie Borden in conversation with LUX Scotland Director Isla Leaver-Yap;
Director and feminist theorist filmmaker Laura Mulvey in conversation with writer and lecturer Laura Guy;
and artist William Raban in conversation with British filmmaker Sarah Turner.


Image: EIFF Programme, 1976

Events / News
#EIFF16: Lizzie Borden’s ‘Regrouping’

Posted on May 25th, 2016 by LUX Scotland


Thursday 23 June, 6.10pm
Friday 24 June, 8.30pm
Book Tickets

A powerful and rarely seen classic of feminist filmmaking, Lizzie Borden’s ‘Regrouping’ returns to Edinburgh 40 years after its original premiere at EIFF 1976. Screened here for only the fourth time ever, this is a rare chance to see Borden’s first feature film.

‘Regrouping’ explores the dynamics among the members of a women’s group. As Borden interviews people who know them, such as Joan Jonas, the group shoots ‘artistic’ scenes of themselves – but Borden feels they aren’t fully grappling with issues of sexuality and politics. Are they a serious group – or just friends? After showing an early edit of the film to the group, its members, upset, closed ranks. Undeterred, Borden incorporates the group’s arguments into another edit, filming larger groups commenting both on the original one and on consciousness-raising groups in general.

This screening is a co-presentation by EIFF’s Black Box curator Kim Knowles, and LUX Scotland.

Still: ‘Regrouping’, Lizzie Borden, 1976

Events / News
Screening: LUX Scotland Presents ‘Nightcleaners’

Posted on May 11th, 2016 by LUX Scotland

Sunday 5 June, 8pm
GFT, Glasgow
Book Tickets

LUX Scotland presents ‘Nightcleaners’ (1975), a documentary made by members of the Berwick Street Collective. The film follows the campaign to unionise women who cleaned office blocks at night, who were victimised and underpaid. Intending at the outset to make a ‘campaign film’, the Collective was forced to turn to more avant-garde forms in order to represent the forces at work between the cleaners, the Cleaner’s Action Group and the unions, as well as the complex nature of the campaign itself. An intensely self-reflexive film that implicates both filmmakers and audiences in the process of precarious and invisible labour, it has become recognised as a key work of the 1970s and an important precursor to current political art practice.

This screening is part of GFT’s Crossing the Line strand.

Still: ‘Nightcleaners’, Berwick Street Collective, (1975)

Learning / News / Resources / SUPERLUX
LUX Scotland at GSA Library

Posted on March 29th, 2016 by LUX Scotland

Margaret Tait Stamp

We’re delighted to announce our latest endeavour: LUX Scotland at Glasgow School of Art Library, a dedicated artists’ moving image library. We have been working together, drawing from LUX and LUX Scotland’s expansive relationship with artists’ moving image, and the GSA Library’s facilities to bring you Scotland’s first dedicated library for artists moving image. This resource will enable GSA students and library members to gain access to a world of moving image artworks; from early work emerging from the London film cooperatives that gave birth to LUX, through to contemporary practice in Scotland and beyond. We invite you to explore the relationship between books and moving image, and the rich history of moving image within art.

As well as being open to existing library members, we are pleased to offer a reduced membership fee to all SUPERLUX members at £25 a year (discounted from £40). To become a member, visit the GSA Library with your SUPERLUX membership number. Fill out an External Borrower Membership form and your card will be posted to your home address within 7-10 days.

The LUX Scotland resource is accessed within the GSA Library. Library staff will buzz visitors through the turnstiles or gate at the Library entrance on the corner of Renfrew Street and Scott Street. The resource is on display in the second floor space by the DVD collection, next to a television where you can watch titles. During term-time, GSA Library is open 7 days a week, 8am-10pm Mon-Fri and 8am-6pm Sat-Sun. You can find out more here.

Browse LUX Scotland at GSA Library here.

Click to find out more about becoming a member of SUPERLUX.

Image: Margaret Tait, subjects and sequences, 1960

Events / News
Screening: LUX Scotland Presents ‘Pain Is…’ by Stephen Dwoskin

Posted on March 29th, 2016 by Programme Assistants


Sunday 1 May, 8pm
GFT, Glasgow
Book Tickets

LUX Scotland presents Stephen Dwoskin’s powerful Pain Is… (1997), an unflinching film that examines the role of pain within society. Attempting “to make an image of pain”, Dwoskin’s feature is practical and philosophical: a seamless blend of film culture and social activism.

“Pain Is… combines interviews, archival footage and Dwoskin’s thoughtful voice-over to arrive at a scrupulous anatomy of pain (encompassing disease, dental work and sadomasochism). The interviews range from those who suffer from chronic pain to those who find pleasure in wilfully inflicting pain.” (Dennis Lim, director of Film at Lincoln Centre NYC)

A teacher, designer, photographer, film director and producer, Dwoskin (1939-2012) began making films in New York in 1959 against the avant-garde backdrop of Jonas Mekas’ Film Co-op and Andy Warhol’s Factory. Dwoskin went on to become a co-founder of the London Film-Makers’ Co-Op, which was established 50 years ago and is a precursor to LUX and LUX Scotland.

This screening is introduced by LUX Scotland Director Isla Leaver-Yap for GFT’s Crossing the Line strand and is presented as part of The Radical Film Network Festival & Unconference.

Still: ‘Pain Is…‘, Stephen Dwoskin, (1997)

dialogues / Events / Learning / News / SUPERLUX
SUPERLUX Dialogues: Distribution, a subversive practice?

Posted on March 23rd, 2016 by Programme Assistants


7pm Tuesday 5 April

Collective, Edinburgh

Free tickets for SUPERLUX members

Led by LUX Distribution Manager, Matt Carter, this is an open forum discussion about the many forms of distribution as a practice.

LUX is the largest distributor of artists’ moving image in Europe, with over 7,000 works in its collection and titles that date from silent cinema of the American avant-garde to works made in 2016. But what is distribution? How does it work for artists? Is it more than a service?

Drawing on case studies from Modern Edinburgh Film School, the Walker Arts Centre (Minneapolis) and Ruangrupa (Jakarta) to consider national and international projects, this event will explore the practical and conceptual potential for distribution, considering it as a practice, as subversion, and as preservation.

SUPERLUX Dialogues is LUX Scotland’s ongoing series of conversations that invite guest speakers to explore practical issues for artists working with the moving image.

LUX Scotland’s new membership programme SUPERLUX is generously supported by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. If you’re not yet signed up, it’s free and easy to become a member, sign up now or at our events to keep up-to-date on future opportunities.

Matt Carter

Matt is Distributions Manager at LUX, London and was previously co-director of Sierra Metro Gallery, Edinburgh 2009 -2012. He studied MA Fine Art at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art and completed an MSC by Research in History of Art at Edinburgh University in 2011. Carter’s work has been included in exhibitions and screenings in London, Edinburgh and Newcastle. He has worked on production and curatorial projects including ‘BRINK’ for CGP London, ‘Looking, Mediated’, a touring programme for LUX Scotland, alongside projects for LUXBritish CouncilArt LicksMaria Stenfors Gallery and Pumphouse Gallery.


Image: Lis Rhodes, Light Music, Paris (1975)

Performance: Counterflows 2016, Florrie James & Ross Little with Dick 50

Posted on March 9th, 2016 by Programme Assistants


13:30, 14:30, 15:30, Saturday 9 April

CCA, Glasgow

Tickets: Advance sales have sold out. Limited tickets at CCA Box Office on the day.

For Counterflows Festival, Florrie James & Ross Little with Dick 50 will perform material they have recently shot in Cuba and Mexico, as part of a new collaboration in a specially configured cinema space.

Comprising three 20-minute audio visual performances of new material, this unique event explores a single character’s consciousness through multiple guises. In the artists words, “by physically and digitally obscuring and filtering the image and subject, we hope to evoke emotional and sensorial states of mind.”

Don’t miss LUX Scotland’s contextual screening and discussion, An encounter with expanded cinema on Friday 8 April, 17:45pm, CCA.

Image courtesy Florrie James, 2016

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